ANIX is the first neutral and not-for-profit Internet Exchange point in Albania. It is hosted and managed by RASH in its carrier-grade data center in the heart of Tirana. National and foreign ISPs come to ANIX to interconnect their networks, improving their speed, bandwidth and the security of their data.


Albanian Telecommunications Union
AS112 Reverse DNS
Rrjeti Akademik Shqiptar

How to Connect

Any legally recognised entity may join ANIX, provided that it possesses its own Autonomous System Number and classes of public networks obtained from a Regional Internet Registry (RIR)

ALNOG2 register now!

ALNOG2 will take place at the Albanian National History Museum in Tirana on 14 November 2018. The event is dedicated to Albanian Internet operators (technical managers and network engineers) and will include topics such as internetworking, BGP Monitoring, IPv6, with speakers from Internet Society, RIPE NCC, NTT, Seeweb, etc.

ALNOG2 is free of charge; there will also be a social event on the evening of 13 November. Make sure to register now!